sniX® Delivers Results Now

  • Supports management engagement.
  • Supports process owner engagement.
  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of resources to focus on improvement.
  • Reduction in learning curve for employees within the company.
  • Sustainable information for employees.
  • Is a robust foundation for IATF 16949, 14000, AS9100 and other ISO 9001 based standards.
  • Cost savings through
    • Integration of standard requirements.
    • Prioritization of actions from missed metrics with integrated risk assessment.
    • Prioritization of actions for risks with integrated risk assessment tool.
    • Reduction of resources required for upgrade.
    • Elimination of manual tracking of metrics.
    • Elimination of manual tracking of risks, opportunities.
    • Consistent process management throughout the company.
    • Lean quality management system implementation.
    • Elimination of preparation time for management review
    • Elimination of manual tracking methods for management review actions
  • Support audit readiness

See Process Approach 2019 for more information.