sniX® supports your business structure whether small, large, or global.  Its lean methodology aligns your quality management system for leadership and all team members. sniX® is a robust quality management system tool that supports your company’s identification of processes, process flows, process owners, risks, lessons learned, and integrated ISO 9001 based standard requirements throughout the system and benchmarked across your company.  This lean, integrated methodology creates a sustainable competitive advantage over your competitors.

Core Features

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Strategy Deployment

This tool provides Leadership the power and speed to identify strategies and associated metrics.  Leadership can quickly and effectively communicate to each site and each process owner in real time with the click of the mouse. sniX® supports each organization’s individual needs and provides the ability to customize what is communicated and who it is communicated to.


The dashboard is a key management tool for monitoring status of items that are commonly performed manually.  In the dashboard, sniX® automates the entire tracking methodology providing site managers with the current status of actions identified within the system.  This supports transparency as well as an effective and efficient method of communication.


Process Management

Our ability to put processes at the heart of the system makes our software truly unique and facilitates a holistic quality management system as well providing a sustainable competitive advantage.  The processes are identified by category:  Customer oriented processes: processes that directly impact the customer.  Support Processes:  processes that support customer oriented processes and Management Oriented Processes:  Processes that manage the overall system. sniX® integrates ISO 9001:2015 and higher standard requirements into each process. This eliminates the need for added documentation and creates a lean business management system.

Risk & Opportunities

Risks and Opportunities are a major change in the ISO 9001:2015 standard.  Process owners have the ability to identify risks and opportunities in each process.  Risks and opportunities are immediately posted on the dashboard and are transparent for management awareness.  Management and process owners can view the status of risks and opportunities in real time.  Site management, as well as process owners, can use the tool to benchmark across the company.  They can easily filter by process and see what other sites have identified as risks and opportunities.

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Metrics can be identified at the Leadership level as a strategy metrics or site level metrics.  All metric results are posted on the dashboard from each process which provides site management the agility to see metrics in real time and take action as necessary.  Color coding, a global best practice, is integrated into the metrics results for quick and easy visual management.   Site management can now easily scan all sites’ metrics in a matter of seconds adding to their ability to focus on effective use of their time and where they can add the most value.  Benchmarking is easy with sniX®.  Organizations can quickly and easily compare metric results across the company.

Management Review

sniX® automatically populates the review with required items as well as allows for customization by each organization. No longer will process owners or personnel spend days preparing for the review.  Meeting minutes are real-time.  Leadership and management have immediate access to meeting results and records.  Management review becomes a lean value added activity that engages all process owners.