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sniX® is a Radically New Quality Management Software

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Are you ready for E-Audits?  sniX is an easy and effective solution for E-Audits.  Certification bodies are being challenged to come up with methods for e-auditing to save clients time and money.  Don't tie up resources reviewing data with auditors.  sniX® provides an easy solution for auditors to view your business management system without wasting your valuable resource time.

Explaining E-Audits: A Method for Remotely Conducting Audits

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sniX® supports a sustainable competitive advantage through a holistic business management system by putting processes, process owners and system integration at the foundation of the software.  This shifts the paradigm from all other quality management system software.

  • Provides a solid foundation for local and global standardization
  • Distributes ownership throughout the system
  • Integrates standard requirements
  • Increases resource effectiveness & efficiency
  • Promotes audit readiness
  • Engages management
  • Provides real time monitoring of metrics
  • Increases agility to react to negative trends

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