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ISO 9001 Quality Management System | Cogentgps
  • Process Flow

  • Metrics

  • Risk Management

  • Corrective Actions

  • Management Review

  • Dashboard Tracking

  • Integrates ISO 9001: 2015

  • Records Identification

  • Context Requirements

  • Process Interaction Mapping

  • Policies 

  • Scope

  • Customized Change Mngt

  • Supports Remote Auditing

  • Master List of Questions

  • Control of documentation

  • Customized Questions

  • Customized Checklists

  • Customized Failure Modes

  • Risk Identification

  • Corrective Actions

  • Link to Corrective per FCA CSRs

  • Error Proofed Action Closure

  • Error proofed Permissions

  • Lessons Learned

  • Integrated Process Identification

  • Reporting

  • Auditor Competency

  • Dashboard Tracking 


  • Process Flow


  • Control Plan

  • Integrated AIAG/VDA

  • DFMEA Checklists

  • PFMEA Checklists

  • Risk Analysis

  • Feasibility

  • Dashboard Tracking

  • Document Control

  • Risk Identification

  • Customized Change Mngt

  • Add Attachments

  • Repeat Action Tracking

  • Instructional Pop-ups

  • Action Identification

  • Correction/Containment

  • Test Analysis

  • Root Cause

  • Corrective Action

  • Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Approval Verification


sniX® Delivers Results

  • Supports management engagement.

  • Supports process owner engagement.

  • Increased effectiveness and efficiency of resources to focus on improvement.

  • Reduction in learning curve for employees within the company.

  • Robust Sustainability and Continuity for Each Organization

  • Is a robust foundation for IATF 16949, 14000, 45001, AS9100 and other ISO 9001 based standards.

  • Cost savings through

    • Integration of standard requirements.

    • Prioritization of actions from missed metrics with integrated risk assessment.

    • Prioritization of actions for risks with integrated risk assessment tool.

    • Reduction of resources required for maintaining your QMS.

    • Elimination of manual tracking of metrics.

    • Elimination of manual tracking of risks, opportunities.

    • Consistent process management throughout the company.

    • Lean quality management system implementation.

    • Elimination of preparation time for management review

    • Elimination of manual tracking methods for management review actions

  • Support audit readiness


"We decided to implement sniX as our quality manual and we passed our 4.5 day IATF transition with only a few minors, none of which had to do with our quality manual or documentation. Our auditor was not a computer guru by any means and he managed to navigate our Snix page with zero issues. The auditor was very impressed with how well Snix tied everything together. I highly recommend Snix because of how it incorporates the requirements of the standard and how easy it is to use. I will definitely push our remote locations to implement Snix into their QMS." 

Brad R. (Quality Manager for Tier One Supplier)


"This is my first encounter with sniX. It’s AWESOME!”

Chuck B. (third party IATF Program Manager)


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